Friday, July 24, 2015

Hey, let's start a hedge fund !!

The above picture is of one of the coolest chaps from the hedge fund industry in the US - George Zweig, who worked with the much admired hedge fund "Renaissance Technologies LLC". After he left Renaissance about 5 years ago, he is now at the age of 78 starting off a hedge fund by the name of "Signition" ( Signal and Recognition are the words mashed in there!) with a couple of other partners who are about half his age!
The following lines from his interview to WSJ caught my attention,
1)  " I've still got it" and 2) "life can be very boring without work"

lol... So true. For those who have never invested (let alone dabble in hedge funds) in the financial markets, starting a hedge fund at age 78 is a task that no sane man would like to attempt, especially after having set a good track record in the years before - check this out,

" Launching a new hedge fund is the latest of multiple reinventions for Mr. Zweig, born in Moscow to Jewish parents who emigrated to the U.S. shortly before World War II. He grew up in Detroit and earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the California Institute of Technology.
Work he and another scientist conducted independently of each other suggested that protons and neutrons are made up of smaller particles known as “quarks.” The 1964 finding was initially dismissed by other scientists. but quarks have since come to be known as a fundamental building block of matter.
Mr. Zweig later migrated to government and academic projects that involved the search for signals amid noise.
He was one of a handful of academics to propose a system designed to stop the flow of troops and materials from North to South Vietnam by creating an electronic barrier consisting of sensors and mines. He eventually left the project amid his opposition to the war.
While teaching at CalTech he helped invent the algorithm that underpins cochlear hearing implants, electronic devices that can provide a sense of sound to the deaf. He also founded a company that leased software to the National Security Agency.  "

hmmmm.. So what on earth is Ol' Georgie trying to do? (My disclosure i am listening to the "Ghani Bawri" track from tanu weds manu returns while typing this out! check that out too...)

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